How To Get Hard-To-Reach C-Suite Executives And Highly Affluent Individuals Enthusiastically Responding To Your LinkedIn Messages


  • The single most important yet overlooked factor you must master if you're serious about having C-Suite Executives And Highly Affluent Individuals responding to you
  • Why traditional marketing and prospecting does NOT work nearly as well when it comes to attracting these types of individuals
  • What 90% of business owners are still getting completely wrong

Meet Yakov Smart

Yakov Smart is an Internationally-Recognized LinkedIn Expert and Author of Disrupting LinkedIn. Sought after by Top CEOs, Best-Selling Authors and Leaders of Renowned Real Estate and Sales Organizations world-wide, Yakov has paved the way for thousands of business owners discovering a new way of using LinkedIn.

He's shared the stage with Samantha Debianci of Bravo's hit TV show, Million Dollar Listing and been on a guest on numerous media outlets.

A resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, today Yakov is the proud leader of Linked Lead Enterprises, where his live events, on-demand training programs and strategic consulting accelerators give people proven tools and techniques for transforming their LinkedIn Profiles into priceless, Relationship Building Assets.


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Disrupting LinkedIn: The Definitive Guide to Generating Leads, Receiving Referrals and Attracting High-End Clients Through Marketing on LinkedIn by Yakov Savitskiy