Welcome to Taming Your Tech Monster

Welcome to Taming Your Tech Monster

Session 1 Change your mind - busting common myths that get in the way of you taming the tech‌

Session 2 Step by step: How to go about choosing the right software / tech tools 

Session 3 You don't know what you don't know: A simple hack to help you ask better questions so you get better answers


Resources for this Masterclass include: a Workbook => Download

Anke Herrman is a coach. She is a tech stuff, simple business coach, and online tech mentor and consultant. She's an author of the wonderful book "Taming the Tech Monster". And she is also a podcast host and dog lover.
She helps passionate, but tech-frustrated entrepreneurs, to get clarity and to implement the online tech needed, so they can turn their big vision into flourishing business without a headache.


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Taming the Tech Monster