Welcome to The Storytelling Approach To Sales – your Secret for enticing communication

Welcome to The Storytelling Approach To Sales - your Secret for enticing communication

  • Part 1: Why Story?
  • Part 2: The basic Structure
  • Part 3: Story Elements
  • Part 4: Tell a STAR Story
  • Part 5: Align your Pitch

Resources for this Masterclass include => Your Workbook

Dr. Anja Timmermann is a coach and dedicated trainer for storytelling. She works with purpose-driven businesses and nonprofits, media teams and expert-entrepreneurs. 

With years of experience as a certified business coach, historian and journalist, she can draw from a wide range of methods, academic approaches and creativity techniques, focusing on driving knowledge and ideas forward in a holistic way.

Having traveled and lived in North and South America, her network spans around the world, from Colombia to Australia. She is now based in Hamburg, Germany, and her coaching programs, storytelling workshops and online classes are available in German, English and Spanish.


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