Session 4 – How To Wire your Brain For Success

In this Session You'll learn:

  • Challenges of the Entrepreneurial Brain
    - Opportunity Seeking
    - Risk Tolerance 
    - Loner Syndrome
  • Opportunity seeking is seeing opportunity everywhere and that causes you to chase things that look like opportunity, which also leads to starting a lot of things, but not finishing them
  • Risk Tolerance is the willingness to take a chance since we believe we see possibilities in every choice, but this will also lead us to taking on risky projects, hiring the wrong people and waste our time and money.
  • Planning fixes all the challenges of the Entrepreneurial Brain because
    - planning sorts the important and unimportant things
    for prioritization
    - writing down to steps to follow to create Progress
    - planning will keep you on track 
    - planning will provide results from your daily work
  • How to create Your Plan
    - Life Vision
    - Business Vision should be aligned to your Values
    - Targets
    - Goals should be motivated by your Mantra
       > Metrics and Activities
       > Projects and Task