• Learn the 4 C’s to master your customer journey and convert the clients who are coming into your world.
  • How to win more clients who are interested in working with you so you have a bigger impact, serve more, make more money.
  • How to grow your business from your heart. Heart Sells!

Meet Christine Schlonski

Christine Schlonski, Queen of the Sales-Success-Mindset is a Lifestyle entrepreneur, the Host of Heart Sells! Podcast and the creator of Heart Sells! Academy.

She is a multi-talented leader in the field of Sales-Mindset, Motivation, and Strategies.

Christine works with heart-centered, impact-driven entrepreneurs who love what they do but feel very uncomfortable when it comes to selling their products and services. She shows them how to sell with ease, grace, and confidence and helps them to ask their price and be authentic in the sales process and true to their values so they increase revenue and create a thriving business enjoying the freedom they are looking for.

Christine’s experience includes over 12 years in successful selling and closing High-Ticket Live Events in the corporate world. As a top producer and Sales Director, she has made millions in revenue herself and through the successful sales teams, she's built throughout her career. In her coaching business, she helped thousands of entrepreneurs to re-define sales and to enjoy sales conversations and get results when selling while staying heart-centered.

She blends the tangible with the intangible. She empowers her clients to take ownership of their sales journey, to let go of their fear of selling -even over the phone!- ensuring a successful delivery no matter where they are on their path by being authentic and true to their values.

In her heart, she truly believes that Sales is Love and that everyone can learn how to sell while being authentic and enjoying the journey.

Her Credo: Stop JUST Dreaming. Act NOW! and Sale is Love.


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